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A passionate believer that mindfulness can reduce stress and enhance wellbeing


Having been a CEO for a mental health charity and a team leader at a financial consultancy in the City of London for a total of 11 years I can personally vouch for the benefits regular mindfulness brought to my daily working life. Being at “the top” doesn’t have to be a stressful place. Improved emotional regulation can reduce feelings of being overwhelmed in pressurised environments.



I created Mindful Community to improve an individual’s wellbeing within the life they lead. I have a particular focus on creating a mindful community which is why I encourage practice groups post-course. It’s well documented that strong communities and peer support improve wellbeing.

I have created courses for the three groups where I feel I can bring the most experience and impact.

Firstly, I want to create a culture of mindfulness in the workplace with a course that helps employees manage and understand workplace stress. I encourage workplaces to give employees the opportunity to practise together at work. This peer support creates a mindful community leading to enduring behavioural change.

Secondly, I have developed a course for leaders. I believe from personal experience that leadership roles do not need to be stressful. I have developed an evidence-based mindfulness course specifically for leadership wellbeing supported with 1-2-1 coaching.

And finally, I want to encourage mindfulness for the individual and working couples with 1-2-1 coaching. This is for anyone wishing to manage their home life and work-related stress to enhance their general wellbeing. For mindfulness coaching I hire professional rooms in Surbiton and Kingston and Central London.


My evidence-based mindfulness training gives each individual an understanding of the key psychological principles of mindfulness. I demonstrate the value of a formal practice and offer simple ways to practise everyday mindfulness in short moments throughout the day.  I create a safe, positive and fun training environment that enables people to be self-motivated and committed to their general wellbeing.

Stress doesn’t need to be overwhelming. With mindfulness techniques people are better equipped to manage complex situations, difficult emotions and negative thinking.

I am committed to maintaining my Continued Professional Development by attending regular supervision, further training, keeping up to date with current evidence base for mindfulness-based approaches, ongoing commitment to a personal mindfulness practice through daily formal and informal practice and attendance on retreat as recommended by the Good Practice Guidance for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses (2010)

Victoria Brookbank
Mindfulness Trainer
CMI validated

I set up Mindful Community because I want to be part of the body of people who contribute to improving an individual’s wellbeing within the life they lead. With poor mental health continuing to grow at pace, both individuals and workplaces are recognising the value of mindfulness to enhance wellbeing and better manage stress.

My hope is that one day, mindfulness will be so ingrained in our way of life that it will become more and more commonplace – much like the realisation of the benefits of regular exercise in the 1940s –  and that individuals and workplaces across the globe will make it a lifestyle choice and benefit from it immensely.

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Currently based in Kingston-upon-Thames and the London area, my previous posts include Chief Executive of Wellness With A Goal, a Surrey mental health & wellbeing charity and Head of Department at Evercore Partners Europe in the City of London.  I trained in psychotherapy in 2015 at Regent’s University and have had various volunteer roles in this field. As an experienced manager and leader in both corporate and third sector settings, I understand the various environments and challenges employees at all levels face. I have extensive experience working with charities, local government and businesses alike specialising in stress management and general wellbeing.

My Workplace Mindfulness Training is from The Mindfulness Exchange (TME), a spinoff from the Oxford University’s, Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC). TME are pioneers in scientifically based mindfulness tailored for the workplace. I have also trained with Shamash Alidina in mindfulness for stress.


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